FAQs about 24 hours pharmacies in France

Many people develop questions as they consume different types of medicine and other services offered by 24 hours pharmacies in France. The following are some of the most common frequently asked questions and their appropriate answers.

Q: What should my pharmacist know before giving me medicine?

A: Certain medicines may not be subscribed for you depending on your specific situation. In order to find out what medical conditions or medicines may potentially cause problems with a new prescription; one should visit the pharmacy Drug Reference and Interactions database. They should go ahead and enter the name of the drug in the search field to get information about it and any possible interactions. You should also ensure that your pharmacist is aware of any medicines you are currently taking and other health conditions you may have.

Q: What procedure should I use when taking my medicine(s)?

A: every patient should take his or her medicine(s) as per the prescription y the pharmacist. However, if more information about taking the prescribed medicine is needed, on should visit the pharmacy’s Drug Reference and Interactions database. Type the name of your medicine in the “Drug Name or Condition Search” field to get information about your medicine.

Q: What type of side effects may I experience?

A: Each medicine(s) prescribed or bought over the counter may affect a person differently. To find out what side effects may occur, one should enquire form the pharmacist. Before moving out of the pharmacy, it should be crystal clear what the side effects are. One should also ensure that the remedies of the side effects are readily available and not expensive.

Q: What tips do I need to watch for before taking my medicine?

A: One should always find out whether your medicine has specific “warning signs” that you or your pharmacist should be aware of. In addition, one may visit the Drug Reference and Interactions database for more information about the effects and warning signs of a medicine.

Q: Where should I store my medicine?

A: Some medicines have specific storage requirements stated by the manufacturers. A pharmacist may also give storage requirements as may be appropriate for a different medicine. In order to find out where your medicine should be stored, kindly ask the pharmacist to clarify whether are such storage requirement for the purchased medicine. In addition, inquire whether the medicine may require storage under special conditions such as refrigeration.

Q: What is the difference between generic and brand-name medicines?

A: The original developer of the medicine generally fabricates the brand-name of the product. A manufacturer who did not originally create the medicine usually produces a generic version. As a matter of fact, all the active ingredients in both versions are similar. Generic medicines are just as safe and effective as brand-name medicines. The main difference between the two types of medicine is cost. Since the manufacturers of generic medicine do not have the cost of developing the brand-name medicine, they produce it for less. Generic medicines must meet the guidelines of all drug regulatory bodies in France before they can be shelved for sale. The Caremark also has an approval process to evaluate manufacturers regarding standards applied in the making of the medicine. All manufacturers must meet the set standards for their products to be purchased for dispensing by 24 pharmacies in France.

Q: How long can it take to receive a prescription through the mail?

A: The post office in France delivers purchased medicine to the buyer within working hours. Nonetheless, one can expect to receive his or her prescription within 7 to 10 days after the purchase order is received by his pharmacist.

Q: Does my insurance plan cover my prescription medicine?

A:  The reimbursement systems in 24 hours pharmacies may reimburse part of your bill. The total amount incurred by the patient at pharmacies in France may be partially covered by this system. However, the medical cover that the billed amount if the terms and condition of the cover stipulate so. In most of the pharmacies, you may also find out if there are generic or preferred medicines available at a cheaper price that can help save you money.

Q: Can I get my local pharmacy to fill my prescriptions?

A: There is a comprehensive National Network of pharmacies currently consisting of nearly above a thousand 24 hours pharmacies in France.  If one desires to have his or her prescription filled at a pharmacy that isn’t in the network, he or she can submit a paper claim for consideration. Once at the pharmacy of choice, follow the instructions on how to submit a paper claim. If your prescription is for a long-term medicine and your plan includes the mail service pharmacy benefit, it will be less costly for you to use our mail service pharmacy for filling your prescription rather than your local retail pharmacy.

Q: How do I contact the pharmacy Customer Care for help?

A: each of the 24 hours pharmacies in France has its own customer care techniques that are put in place. For example, a pharmacy may have three ways for patients to contact Customer Care: by e-mail, by mail and by phone.

Q: How do I get a mail service order form?

A: in order to print a mail service order form, visit the post office and request for the form. However, to save you the hustle of physical movements, one can download a mail service request form online. To view the content of the form, one will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader software.

Q: What medicines are covered under my preferred drug list?

A: A preferred list of medicines covered by any medical plan can be obtained by consulting with the pharmacist. Using any medicine on the preferred list technically saves you money. This ensures that one will not wait to ask the pharmacist or doctor to consider medicines on the preferred list.

Q: Why did I receive a different prescription medication than my doctor originally prescribed?

A: Depending on the features of your medical cover or pharmacy benefit plan, the previous prescription may be changed. After receiving your prescription, it is prudent to request consideration of either a brand-name medicine from our preferred list or a generic version of your medicine. This may change the original prescription you received from your pharmacist and you don’t have to dig deeper into your pockets.

There you go! I know this article has gone a long way in answering some of the questions that you may have had about 24 hours pharmacies in France, their drugs and services.

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